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Your partner for electrification.


A leader in motion control for battery and hybrid-powered vehicles.

Zapi has a leading position in the European market and exports products all over the world with a global market share of more than 40%.

Today, we have an advanced R&D department and a world-class manufacturing production facility at the ZAPI GROUP headquarters in Poviglio, Italy.

Featured Products

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Untitled design (34) ACE2 NEW GEN and DUALACE2 NEW GEN

ACE2 NEW GEN and DUALACE2 NEW GEN are single and dual-motor controllers with nominal power ratings of 4 kW through 12 kW per motor, suited for battery-powered electric and hybrid vehicles with nominal voltages between 24 V and 96 V.

Capitalizing on the Zapi class-leading experience in the field of motor controllers for battery-powered vehicles, they offer superior vehicle control, great efficiency and power density, as well as unmatched flexibility for a wide spectrum of traction, pump and generator applications.

DUALACE2 NEW GEN is the most cost-effective choice for both dual traction and traction-and-pump applications.

Untitled design (32) EPS BLI

EPS BLI is an integrated electrical steering controller thought to be mounted axially onto the steering motor. By integrating a cost effective BLAC motor and controller in a compact package, it minimizes the wiring, reduces cost and installation effort, improves reliability and efficiency.

EPS BLI can implement a steer-by-wire or an assisted steering and can easily interface with a wide range of devices via CAN bus.

Redundancy of microcontrollers and sensors makes it possible to fulfill ISO 13849 Category 3 and PL-d requirements.

Untitled design (30) HV2

HV2 is a voltage motor controller with nominal power ratings of 35kVA. Suitable for battery-powered electric and hybrid vehicles. Two models are available with nominal voltages around 350V or 650V. For both voltage ranges, an inverter is available as a liquid cooling version, finned heatsink and plain base plate. For safety reasons, the low voltage power supply, freely selectable from 12V to 24V, is fully isolated from the high voltage domain, the same for CAN busses and motor thermal sensors. 

HV2 is equipped with the state of art Zapi motor control software, the same used in all the ranges of low voltage range inverters. Standard Zapi CAN control protocol is a standard feature for HV2, customized J1939 or UDS shall be implemented according to customer request.




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