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June 20, 20241 min read

ZAPI GROUP in Electrical Review Magazine: "Why the future of electrification is circular."

ZAPI GROUP's Global Purchasing Director Olimpia Bertarini wrote an article for Electrical Review titled "Why the future of electrification is circular." In the article, Bertarini explains that the shift towards sustainability in supply chains is becoming increasingly crucial, especially in the context of electrification and renewable resources. Circular supply chains are emerging as a key solution to minimize waste and maximize resource reuse throughout product life cycles. By recovering and reusing valuable resources from used batteries and components, circular supply chains offer a path forward to reduce environmental impact and create a smaller footprint.
Bertarini believes that as electrification of industrial vehicles continues to grow, the need for circularity becomes more pressing. Challenges such as varying product life cycles and regional differences in regulations must be addressed. Companies are advised to embed circular design principles into their processes and collaborate across the supply chain to ensure successful implementation of circular supply chains. Understanding regional variations and tailoring solutions accordingly can help meet customer needs and regulatory requirements while promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials.
While regulatory mandates play a role in driving companies towards circular supply chains, a collaborative and proactive approach is essential for long-term success. Designing products with 'reduce, reuse, recycle' in mind, prioritizing component and material reuse, and leveraging technology for tracking and optimization are key strategies for effective implementation. Standardization and open communication within the supply chain can further accelerate progress towards a sustainable future, where circular supply chains play a pivotal role in achieving environmental goals.
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