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August 1, 20232 min read

Unplug & Play - Is Wireless Power a Game Changer for Large AGV and AMR Installations?

This is a summary from the presentation by the same title by Julian Seume, CSO/CMO of Wiferion, at the Future of Electrification 2023 conference. Watch the full session here:

Julian Seume discussed the potential benefits of wireless power for AGV and AMR installations, highlighting the need for a quick and robust power supply to meet the increasing demand for automation. Seume pointed out that the current charging methods, such as contact charging, are not always safe and reliable. Therefore, wireless charging can be a valuable solution to reduce idle time and optimize energy flows into the factory.

Seume presented Wiferion's wireless charging solution, which utilizes a magnetic field. It works without requiring any physical contact. The system consists of four key components: a wall charger, a charging pad, a vehicle-integrated charger, and a regulator which Wiferion refers to as mobile electronics. This system can charge any battery, regardless of technology or chemistry. During the charging process, data from the battery system is sent to cloud software, allowing for optimized charging and fleet management.

He also discussed the benefits of wireless charging, such as its robustness and flexibility in terms of installation location. The charging pad is installed flush with the floor offering a versatile, safe, and seamlessly integrated solution. Moreover, the charging pads can be strategically placed at various locations where vehicles typically stop, such as queues, effectively integrating the charging process into the vehicles' daily operations. Since the system does not require physical contact to work, the charging component on the vehicle can be installed on the bottom, side, or even the top. Additionally, the system is designed to be omni-directional, enabling the vehicle to connect from any position. Wireless charging is safe and reliable, boasting an efficiency rate of up to 93%.

Seume highlighted the impact of wireless charging on large AGV and AMR installations. It offers the potential to optimize energy supply and decrease the number of vehicles required for a project, resulting in cost savings. The same charging stations can be shared among multiple vehicles. This approach enhances overall efficiency and prompts a fresh perspective on managing AGV and AMR fleets.

Seume presented several success cases and customer examples, such as Safe Log - one of the largest AGV manufacturers in Germany - they equipped all their vehicles with Wiferion's wireless charging solution. They saw the advantage of the system's simple installation and robustness on the charging cycle, which led to a significant increase in the performance and availability of the vehicles.

The presentation highlighted the potential of wireless power for AGV and AMR installations, emphasizing its safety, reliability, and flexibility benefits. Seume believes that wireless charging is a game-changer for large installations, leading to a new way of thinking about the process of managing AGV and AMR fleets.