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February 10, 2022 2 min read

Inmotion Breaks Ground in New Expansion

ZAPI GROUP has announced an expansion into a new, 6,000 sqm large manufacturing facility in southern Stockholm, for its subsidiary Inmotion Technologies, a leading specialist in inverter manufacturing.

The expansion requires a EUR 25 million investment in the Swedish operations over the next few years. The new plant will be highly automated and brings unique competence to Sweden’s supply chain for e-mobility – while creating an estimated 100 skilled jobs.

“Having close collaboration between R&D, strategic purchasing and production is a pre-requisite for achieving a cost‐effective product. The Stockholm region offers strong opportunities to find the right skills and partners, as well as close proximity to our customers in the commercial vehicles sector,” says Mattias Nubäck, CEO of Inmotion Technologies.

“The new manufacturing facility in Tyresö will be highly automated and allows us to reduce transport, cut delivery lead times and improve our sustainability performance,” Nubäck continues.


 The decision by Inmotion Technologies and ZAPI GROUP to invest in an advanced manufacturing facility for inverters was announced today, February 10, on-site in Tyresö, some 20 km south of central Stockholm. Construction will begin immediately and the new facility is expected to open in mid-2023.

The press event was attended by Business Sweden’s CEO Jan Larsson and Anna Hallberg, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs.

 “I warmly welcome the investment by Inmotion Technologies and ZAPI GROUP as they prepare to establish Sweden’s first production facility for e-mobility inverters for commercial vehicles. This advanced plant will add key capabilities in the supply chain and unlock new opportunities for co-innovation. The announcement further demonstrates the international attractiveness of Sweden’s rapidly growing ecosystem for e-mobility,” says Jan Larsson, CEO of Business Sweden.

 Anna Hallberg, Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs, comments:

 “Sweden’s mobility sector is helping Europe pioneer the shift to electric vehicles thanks to advanced skills and technologies and a thriving innovation environment. I am delighted to welcome this strategic investment by yet another leading international supplier of electrification solutions, which will bring more jobs, competence, and greater opportunities for co-creation.”

From the left : Jan Larsson, CEO Business Sweden, Staffan Ingvarsson, CEO at Stockholm Business Region AB, Anna Hallberg, Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs and Claes Avasjö Executive Director Zapi Group.


Inverters play an essential role in the e-mobility supply chain as they convert direct current to alternating current in drivetrains for electric vehicles. Inmotion Technologies developed its first AC inverter for forklifts in 1996 and market demand is now accelerating rapidly in all customer segments. Inmotion’s sales are forecast to more than double and reach EUR 100 million by 2026. The expansion in Sweden will help meet rising demand from vehicle manufacturers and commercial machinery OEMs across Europe.


ZAPI GROUP will gain a new level of sustainability with its investment in Sweden. Apart from benefiting from an electricity grid with the EU’s highest share of renewable energy, the 6,000 sqm production building in Tyresö will be equipped with solar panels and geothermal heating. In addition, the Swedish localization of the plant means that Inmotion Technologies can co-innovate and rapidly upgrade its products together with Sweden’s world-leading commercial vehicle manufacturers.

“Requirements are increasing on our ability to provide advanced customized products and shorter lead times. By locating our new facility in Stockholm, we can assure that our innovations keep evolving in lockstep with the latest trends in the e-mobility sector,” concludes Mattias Nubäck, CEO of Inmotion Technologies a part of ZAPI GROUP.